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Become Truly Efficient With Business Development Coaching


Business Growth and Executive Development

By utilising personality measures, I coach people, teams, and leaders in their personal lives and businesses. I can also assist in change management, business process modeling, organisation development interventions that improve business performance, project success, and organisational culture assessment and interventions.

Continued Growth

I will help you to understand yourself and your team better and will allow you to continue to grow long after the coaching relationship ends.

Personality Measures

Business development coaching will help you improve in four key areas: self-confidence, self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-mastery.

TEAM Coaching

Coaching on a team level is a valuable experience that seeks to build effective team dynamics and improve performance. I develop a coaching plan for each team member, which incentivises personal and professional development.


How Isiko Can Help Businesses

Here is how we can assist your organisation in addition to helping you and your team achieve personal and professional growth.

Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is an analytical representation or illustration of your company’s business processes. This is an integral component of business process management.

This gives an analytical illustration of what your company’s business processes are currently and presented with proposed, more efficient, processes.

Analysing your business processes is a crucial first step in achieving organisational efficiency.

Change Management

Change Management is the utilisation of processes and tools to assist businesses change from their current state to a new state, ensuring that the desired goals are reached in the process.

Businesses implement Change Management processes because it enables the desired change and creates the capability to increase the effectiveness of their organisation.

Change, in life and in business, is inevitable, and Change Management is a framework for managing the people side of change, helping to ease resistance, drive speed of adoption, and improve proficiency.

Organisational Development (OD) Interventions

Organisational Development (OD) Interventions are structured processes purposefully designed to address and solve problem areas within teams and organisational structures.

These interventions are designed addressing issues ranging from processes, performance, skills, talent retention and more, while helping managers and leaders better manage their teams and improve organisational functions and cultures.

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