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Individual Development and Growth Centered Around Driving Effective Business Results


Leadership Growth Driving Organisational Change

Leadership coaching is centered around your personal development and growth to help you become a more effective leader. Becoming a better leader can help drive change throughout your business or organisation and drive results where it matters.

Greater Success

I will help you to grow on a personal and business level to achieve even greater success in your professional life.

Positive, Impactful Change

theyGrow is about working with high achievers and leaders, from CEO’s of big corporations to ambitious entrepreneurs, to bring positive, impactful, and lasting change to their personal and business lives.

Impactful change

As a leader, when you are happy, inspired, focused, and motivated, it creates a ripple effect through your team, making a happy, inspired, focused, and motivated team.


How Isiko Can Help Leaders

Here is how we can help those in leadership roles, become more effective leaders and equip them to drive organisational change.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps experienced managers and leaders explore the essence of leadership. It equips them with the right tools to guide their teams and employees to achieve key business goals and, in doing so, take their leadership skills to a higher level.

Discover Your Leadership Style

Throughout the process, we’ll look at different leadership situations and assess your experience and role as a leader. I’ll help you become more self-aware and make sense of the different facets of your leadership.

I’ll help you explore the kind of leader you want to be and give you the guidance and support to make that happen.

Long-term Support

Leadership coaching will enable you to drive effective, impactful and lasting change in your team and organisation. I want to help you sustain this impact and you’ll be able to rely on long-term support through additional coaching sessions

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