The Enneagram

At Isiko Consulting, I utilise the Enneagram methodology to help individuals, leaders and organisations open pathways to self-discovery and greater personal awareness.

01. Individual Benefits

  • Creates meta-awareness at the level of motivation
  • Increases consciousness and confidence
  • Enables clearing of core emotional issues
  • Provides a framework for understanding functional and dysfunctional behaviours that stem from core motivations
  • Increases compassion for self and others
  • Uncovers pathways to development and integration
  • Positions individual patterns and behaviours within current and historical context
  • Increases productivity and motivation
  • Creates a language and sense-making framework that stretches deeper than a personality trait-based approach
  • Builds leadership authenticity, potency and impact

02. Team Benefits

  • Reduces judgement and criticism of others while building understanding and tolerance
  • Provides a framework for making sense of team conflict and challenges
  • Enables the team to move beyond a pattern of blaming conflict on “personality differences”
  • Repolarises teams while dismantling more traditional “fault lines” in the team
  • Improves working relationships and team productivity
  • Enhances business procedures
  • Improves communication while also developing a new language framework for team dynamics

03. Organisational Benefits

  • Decreases behind-the-scenes organizational politics
  • Improves change management and decreases fear of change
  • Can unleash organizational creativity through greater individual integration
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Creates a framework which enables greater project leadership
  • Builds organizational integrity
  • Enables more impactful corporate communication
  • Contributes to development of talent
  • Plays a role in enabling culture change

The Science

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a framework that gives you in-depth insight into individuals, teams and organisations.

This methodology consists of three centres of intelligence, nine main Enneagram types, 18 wings, three subtypes and Triadic styles.

While that sounds like a lot, the goal is to offer you a rich map of personal development, without placing individuals into boxes. Instead, the Enneagram opens up pathways to self-discovery and better personal awareness.

Working with the Enneagram analyses an individual’s patterns of behaviours and empowers people to take responsibility for their own behaviour and growth through better understanding of why they act and react the way they do.

The Enneagram


Why Do I Use The Enneagram?

I believe that the Enneagram to be one of the most powerful tools available for development and coaching. It fast-tracks insight into the individual, highlighting areas of growth. Not only that, but it provides an individual, team, or organisation with a rich roadmap to development and growth.

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